Ade Oba 1 and 2- Odunlade Adekola, Yinka Quadri, Iret Orisayemi, Lola Idije and many more (2018)


Movie Story

This is a good movie! Fantastic story line and very unusual. This is a movie which you will be unable to predict and you are glued to the screen from the beginning to the end. Is there any role Mr Adekola cannot deliver? He just gets better and better. He acted the role of a mad man in the form of a spirit and he pulled it off so well! I loved the way the movie starts and you are sucked right into the action. Saheed Balogun was a refreshing face and we want to see more of him please! He is so clever in his acting skills in terms of being able to switch roles so easily. The movie is about a king whose crown gets stolen. Such a simple storyline but developed very well by the director who weaves so many twists and turns into the story taking us into a journey and we become more intrigued about the conclusion.  We were not disappointed with the second part of this movie and the anti climax and climax worked beautifully with the way the story developed. The revelation at the end  was fantastic and the movie ended with educative lessons to be learnt! This is a top rated movie! 5 stars!


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