Land of Fury – Joseph Opadele, Kolo Peters. Directed by Damilola Mike-Bamiloye (2018)


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What a movie! Wow! This movie is produced by Darasimi Mike-Bamiloye and the story centers around a Christian Community called Karaki Town where we are presented with different families with excited school children about to embark on an excursion. The worst nightmare of every parent occurs when the driver of the mini bus is murdered and the children kidnapped after their journey was hijacked by insurgents who demanded a ransom from the government if they wanted the children’s release. This movie reminds us of the sad real life scenario faced by the Chibok girls when they were abducted a few years ago. This is a very good movie and the start of the movie draws you straight into the action which keeps you glued to your screen. Land of Fury is action packed and thrilling and the director ensures our attention is on the power in the name of Jesus without being too obvious and direct. The manner in which the action, blood and gun battle was played is just fantastic and viewers are screaming as they watch because the scenes are so believable! We loved the setting of Karaki! The shots of the village setting displayed the beauty and authenticity of Africa…. from the striding camels to the vehicles to the families portrayed helped tell the story of this community. The genre of this movie is Christian and the theme of love and redemption were powerfully depicted and woven through the plots and twists in this movie. There were some comic moments amidst the violence and this was a very clever input by the director who skillfully executed this story in all perfection. Land of Fury is a must watch and we have no choice but to give this movie a ten out of ten. It ticked all the boxes of movie production and even went beyond!


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