Last 3 Digits – Nonso Diobi, Dr Sid, Bimbo Manuel, Rachel Oniga


Movie Story

We loved this movie! A fantastically directed and heart warming adventure! A young man finally meets that very special person he intends to spend the rest of his life with and whilst he was collecting her mobile number, she is whisked away by her aunt and he ends up missing the last three digits. This movie is hilarious, entertaining and full of excitement as Nonso Diobi the main character begins the journey of searching for the last three digits triggered by his desperation to find his lost love. The story-line of this movie is authentic and the movie climaxes in a clever manner. This movie will make you laugh, scream at the screen and you will enjoy watching every minute! The directing is very clever and the script is well written. This is a top rate movie and it earned five stars from us!


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