OJELU – Fathia Balogun, Dele Odule, Olaiya Igwe, Yomi Fash (2019)


Movie Story

Ojelu is a fantastic movie which depicts the realities of politics within the African society. It projected all the various angles from the masses to the decision makers when there is a tussle of power or election and this was done very well. The costumes and cast of this movie were top rated and we can see the producer went through great detail to project the splendour and influence within the top circles of the political landscape which was an essential ingredient for a believable storyline. We loved the attention paid to detail and interpreting the occurrences within African politics particularly Nigeria. This is quite interesting and we are able to follow the plot in the way the director managed to keep our attention on the storyline. If you want to get an idea and understanding of politics in Nigeria, within the Yoruba landscape, this movie is quite good in terms of the angles portrayed. A top rate production which ticks all the boxes!


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