Omo Odo(Househelp) – Eniola Badmus, Femi Adebayo, Tayo Sobola, Kunle Afod (2019)


Movie Story

A hilarious movie by Eniola Badmus. We loved watching this movie which had many twists and turns. Omo Odo meaning household in Yoruba language is a movie about a house-help played by Eniola Badmus who was employed as a house-help by a family. Unknown to the family, she had ulterior motives and she also failed to get along with the mother in law played by Toyin Afolayan. In terms of the comic elements in this movie, we enjoyed the role played by Eniola Badmus. Another interesting character was the mad man played by Kunle Afod which was superbly played.  Thus is a good production and in terms of technical  aspects, was very well co-ordinated as a production. The acting skills were also quite good. In terms of top rated productions, this movie is of a very good standard and worth your time to watch. It made our top rate list!


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