Ori Olori 1 and 2- Muyiwa Ademola, Bimbo Oshin, Yinka Quadri, (2019)


Movie Story

Another fantastic production about the desperate act to make money at all cost. Poverty is one of the root causes of desperate quests to get rich at all costs and this movie exposes the various diabolical means people use in an attempt to become wealthy at all costs. This movie is so good in terms of the story which begins with a poor carpenter who decides to embark on a money making ritual but he was not ready for the demands which will be made by the herbalist. We thoroughly enjoyed the role played by Muyiwa Ademola in this movie as usual he displays exceptional acting skills. The comic roles were played very well and for a change the director departed from the usual gateman being the comic character. This movie was quite educative and we learnt so many life lessons. We enjoyed the twists and the plot was well structured as the director left us with a nice surprise at the end as what we expected did not happen but we were pleased with the final outcome. This is a top rated movie!


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