POLICE AND THIEF – Ayo Olaiya, Ibrahim Chatta, Jumoke Odetola, Adunni Ade


Movie Story

Police and Thief! It is a love hate relationship between the Police and Thief in Nigeria. Another fantastic blockbuster from Ayo Olaiya! This is such a fantastic satirical take on the issues within the Nigerian society such as mental health, the police force and hypocrisy and religion. A comedy which allows you to think deeply about these issues and we actually take the themes within the movie quite seriously despite the very funny comic scenes. Ayo Olaiya and his team must be commended at the way the script was delivered so well. It is not an easy task to tackle such topics within a movie and they actually ensured all the areas were exposed and addressed. We enjoyed the role played by Aduni Ade which was quite an unusual character to play but she pulled this off! Jumoke Odetola, Ibrahim Chatta, Akin Olaiya and Ayo Olaiya all delivered. This movie is so enjoyable and one would hardly notice that it is a small cast movie. This is a must watch and the audience will not be disappointed. Top Rated!


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