The Last Race – Olasunkanmi Omobolanle, Saidi Balogun,Bimbo Akintola, Ibrahim Chatta and many more (2019)


Movie Story

The Last Race is such a good production! This is what we mean by paying attention to detail when a story is being told in film making. The story is about two childhood friends who became separated when they were young as a result of circumstances they encountered. The movie starts with a dramatic introduction which gets the audience glued to the screen from the beginning as we wonder what is to come in the rest of the film and we are curious to see this. I must commend the director Saidi Balogun who delivered this script with the best cast as they all delivered in terms of role interpretation. I loved the way the director projected him themes without doing it in a direct manner and as you watch this movie the themes shout out to you immediately! A brilliant production which portrays the societal issues in the African society and culture and you feel the emotions with the cast at every point. The production quality of this movie is so good and it raises the bar in terms of the quality of productions in terms of Nigerian movies. We enjoyed watching the likes of Bimbo Akintola and Tony Akposheri in their roles as these are Nollywood legends we do not get tired of watching them as they always deliver. This is a top rated movie! It ticks all the boxes!


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