The Third Chance – Yvonne Jegede, Jose Tolbert, Moyo Lawal


Movie Story

This is such a moving story line and a well acted movie. It starts with a narration from the lead actress of the ordeal of domestic violence suffered in the hands of her ex-husband. This movie highlights the complicating issues in terms of domestic violence and it also examines the reasons why victims remain in these relationships. We loved watching this movie especially the role played by Jose Tolbert. It was refreshing to see him act the part of a villain which he played very well. This movie is enlightening, educative and it evokes a lot of emotions in the audience. The climax was excellent and the conclusion of the movie was well developed as the director ensured there were no questions in our minds as per the final outcome. This is an excellent movie! It is very interesting as such it has earned the validation of a top rate movie! Five Stars!


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